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Welcome to The She Shed

Yes, it's an actual shed in my backyard! She Shed Comedy Podcast began as a service project to educate and empower women pursuing a career in comedy by sharing stories and wisdom from women who are currently working in entertainment.


Is to educate and empower women pursuing a career in comedy through lighthearted, soulful, and meaningful conversations with working women in entertainment; as such, this show will serve as a platform for female comedians to share their stories, wisdom, and insights and be a guiding Light for aspiring female comedians. To that end, our wish is to cultivate a sacred and safe space for our truth to shine. We Will Laugh, We Will Cry, and Together - We Will Rise.



Photo By: Andrew Reed Photography

When I was twelve years old, my oldest brother came home for a visit, and with him, brought a book of Blonde Jokes. I remember reading that book from cover to cover. It never occurred to me then that anyone could have a career telling jokes. Back then, I was clear that I’d grow up to be an International Business Executive, drive a blue BMW M3, and have money pour into my bank account; but life had different plans for me - here I am, a WFHW (Work From Home Wife), with screaming ovaries, pursuing a career in stand-up comedy... at 36 years old - starting from ground zero.

While I do have a history performing improv and stand-up, I have taken many years off to explore this thing called life. Turns out, most people don't need a mid-life crisis to figure out they want to do comedy! Apparently, a mid-life crisis (at 31!) was exactly the ticket I needed to get my butt back into Stand-Up Comedy. Hoping to find an online community I could plug into, I searched for guidance online and realized that there aren’t very many resources for women like me who are pursuing a career in comedy; so, I decided I'd build that community for all of us.


My hope is to put out entertaining and valuable content. I’d love this to be a living library for funny women who are thinking about or currently pursuing a career in comedy. Life, as it is, is challenging enough to do without a network of support. Pursuing your heart’s desire shouldn’t be done alone and knowing there are women just like you, out here, doing our thing too can put your mind at ease. Please know, you’re not alone on this journey. One of my core beliefs is: Empowered Women, Empower Women. Come join us, engage with the content and community, and let your funny-goofy-silly-self shine here and everywhere. With Love & Mad Respect, Linda Schwartz