SSC|S1E16: BUSINESS SERIES: Annie LaCroix - Efficiency vs Effectiveness For The Creative Type

So instead of thinking about ‘I need the MOTIVATION to be creative, I need the MOTIVATION to do my bookkeeping, I need the MOTIVATION to whatever’, say ‘I need the DISCIPLINE to understand that I need creative time and I need that space to not be interrupted and I need business support time and I need the space to have that not be interrupted’. And by the way, another thing I haven’t touched on here is you also need scheduled time that isn’t part of your business - creative or otherwise - you need time to say, ‘I don’t have to worry about anything today’. I can just go play with my kids or play with my dog or lay on the ground day - A FREE DAY.
— Annie LaCroix - On Shifting Your Perspective About Scheduling

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Annie LaCroix

Microprenuer | Podcast Host of Brainy Boss

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