SSC|S1E13: Fielding Edlow Stand Up Comic Writer: On Specificity, Vulnerability, & Staying True To Yourself (& Lots MORE!)

...well, this is why this is... these are my insecurities, and then it blows the whole thing open and I get more laughs and I get more human. I get more grounded. I don’t have any fear on the stage and I start being able to look an audience member in the eye as opposed to like “performing”, but like I see you, I notice that you’re a Bachelorette party, I notice that you’re eating a chicken parm right now and it’s like we’re in it, in this canoe together, and then I’m vulnerable because I feel safe.
— Fielding Edlow

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Fielding Edlow

Stand-Up Comedian | Writer | Voice Of Roxie on Bojack Horseman

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In this episode, I sit down (virtually, of course!) with Writer/Comedian Fielding Edlow and we talk about everything from how she pulls universal themes from her life, the wonderful book - The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, what vulnerability means to her, and gobs more!

Fielding is a writer & comedian who is creator and star of Bitter Homes & Gardens with her real life husband Larry. She also hosts the hit monthly show Eat Pray F*ck at Hollywood Improv and voiced the recurring character "Roxie" on Bojack Horseman.

Check out Fielding’s show: It’s crazy hilarious and will remind you of one, if not all, of your relationships. (Scroll forward to watch the first episode, then head over to the website to catch the rest of the season!)

(DISCLAIMER: This podcast episode contains a few F-bombs...)

Scroll forward and watch some of her stand up. (Explicit Language Alert…)

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